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Sep 22, 2017

Phil & Joel talk post-hurricane Irma, an interview with Seth Muse (Social Media Guru) and a fun game of "Heavy Metal Lyric or Bible Verse"

Sep 15, 2017

Phil & Joel talk with Gateway's Kevin Melton about professional music production for small churches. Plus a game of "Lamentations or Taylor Swift Lyric" 

Sep 8, 2017

Join Phil and Joel as they battle the elements (Hurricane Irma) and talk to a super creative guy named Eric Bramlett from Community Christian Church in Chicago. 

Aug 25, 2017

Phil and Joel talk about a guy named Jesus getting kicked out of a darts game, plus an interview with Tony Z. our video director and a game of "Fake or Fish."

Aug 11, 2017

Phil & Joel get to the bottom of the McDonalds characters, plus an interview with Josh Bishop, a worship leader who knows about Youth Bands. Joel & Josh play "Chance The Rapper Lyric or Amish Proverb"